Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Sexy Lords Of The Marijuana Deathsquads

If I hadn't already heard the wicked brilliance of the bizarro 'Ewok Sadness', I still would have bought Oh My Sexy Lord from Title in Southbank on Monday. Why?

1) I was buying other records at the time, and when the impulse hits me, it hits hard, and I find it hard to reconcile with reason (Beaches, Woollen Kits, Super Wild Horses and Constant Mongrel also now have a new home);

2) Because Title had 20% off everything in the store (so I had to buy a Taschen Press book on classic Horror films and a DVD of Klaus Kinski Western The Great Silence);

3) And because Oh My Sexy Lord is the latest album from a band called Marijuana Deathsquads.

Seriously, how can you fuck with that? One of the best band names I have heard in - well, ever. It helps that the Minneapolis madman are led by Ryan Olson, he of Polica and Gayngs fame/infamy - the guy has the knack of finding the best hooks from the wildest nooks and crannies. Roboticised, squeaky vocals over analog synth drones and freakouts, epileptic drumbeats and the solar flare of a comet trail frying the edge of the tape - this is what Tyondai Braxton should have created after having left Battles behind (not that his experiments aren't worthy of consideration...just that this is more inherently interesting).

Get Oh My Sexy Lord here through Totally Gross National Product. Then play it really really loud, grab your other, and get freaky. Like, REALLY freaky...

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