Saturday 25 January 2014

Caring For Artifacts

I wrote about Dominic Renee AKA Artifacts back in July last year as part of Hits From The Box (which incidentally has become the most read post in the history of this blog's existence! The other artists in that post - White Reaper, Diver Dress, Crypts, Petra Glynt and Food Pyramid. Now which one is bringing the punters in droves???) Well, Artifacts is back, and 'Barely Cared' is an even better track. As with the other two Artifacts tracks out in the ether to date, 'Heal Me' and 'Coral', 'Barely Cared' is brilliant in its simplicity - keep things minimal in change, a continuity of slack-jawed vocals, motorik drums and a guitar line that rolls lazily back around, hypnotised by the laconicism - but then it flares into life, a soaring lead here, a distorted breakdown there. 'Barely Cared' is a succinct title, because at times it feels like there is little if any effort going in - but its all a ruse, the word barely the key one, as this spirals into a gloriously simmering lo-fi corker. It's a great little track, and if things come easy like this track feels, Artifacts should be in for a big year. Here's hoping, for all our sake.

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