Thursday, 23 January 2014

Double Booked At The White Lodge

It's funny how you find out things about your hometown. When I was overseas a few years ago, there were bands popping up like Tape/Off and Dreamtime that I heard, was so stoked to hear, but didn't know they came from Brisbane. Now I consider those dudes friends (and they play excellent music).

Then there is White Lodge. In the space of a week I have been slung two releases from this Brisbane trio - and I've never heard of them. The thing is, they are pretty good. Firstly the band put out an EP last year called Holy Void, and it's a bit eclectic, jumping from jangly guitar pop ('Breath of Shiva') and the now-familiar off-kilter garage sound that Brisbane knows and loves ('Teenage Fever Dream') - but when you have a track that sounds like the fucking Murder City Devils high on PCP performing at Al Swearengen's bar in Deadwood ('Red Moon Hex'), you sit up and take notice.

Then newly-minted Chicago label Gary Records contacted me. They are specialising in creating 7" splits of international bands, bringing light to small bands and bringing countries together. Their first installment features Forests, this great band from Taipei - and White Lodge! They play more to the garage side of things on this release, and it's good enough - but I much prefer the truly unhinged stuff. Especially when the sloppy guitar pop that Forests displays is more lo-fi and all the more endearing for it (seriously, 'The Fall' is pretty killer). Still - we can hope, right?

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