Friday 24 January 2014

Spectres In The Too Pure Sky

I have always had a lot of respect for Bristol's premier label Howling Owl Records. They are, in my opinion at least, actually one of the UK's great labels - and my thoughts hang almost solely on the fact that Spectres resides in the belly of this beast (it helps that they run it). The four-piece's Family EP from 2011 was a fresh blast of fettered air, blowing out the cobwebbs and blasting most no-wave contenders away (not that there are many in this day and age - but when a good one comes around, they are just about the best thing on the planet). They had a split out last year with The Naturals which was pretty great - but this 7" (actually out on Too Pure's Singles Club - get in on this here) pretty much pisses all over it. This is no backhanded compliment either - the A-side 'The Sky Of All Places' is still sonically tearing the ozone down around you, but in a melodic fashion that whilst your ears bleed from hearing too much, your gums bleed from grinning too much. Aural gingivitus? But that sounds bad for you... Then the B-side 'Sooky Eyeball' gut punches you, a squalling high end redliner that feels destined to make the Richter Scale obselete.

SO it makes sense that this absolutely killer single  ends off this Friday night - seriously, one of my favourite bands in the UK right now. And they are spending their first day in the studio today for what will become their loooooooong-awaited debut album. Friday - it was a good day.

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