Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Messed Up Liars

It seems like Sonic Masala was invented for Liars releases. Sisterworld came out the year I started this, and that album blew my mind; their single 'No 1 Against The Rush' (from WIXIW) is one of my favourite stand alone songs ever; I got to have a long and engaging chat with Angus Andrew at the beginning of last year... The trio are masters of subversion and confrontational art whilst never taking themselves seriously (although I know that seems hard to believe at times...but check out their "viral" imagery for this new album on their Facebook page) New album Mess is on the way, and here is a new track from it, a sort-of title track. Mess appears to be more electronic than WIXIW too, so that might piss some people off, but I like the insidious nature of their music, the dark terrains they create, and am willing to follow these sonic explorers to the brink of the abyss and beyond - are you?

You can pre-order Mess here.

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