Monday, 13 January 2014

Lawman Plays Dead - Singles From Girl Band & Savaging Spires

A quick post about two UK bands playing the traps. Irish noisekids Girl Band have just released this Lawman 7" (in a cloth sleeve, it's pretty sweet, I bought one on Saturday) and the titular track fits into that mould of off-kilter, insincere, nerdy/bratty banter jammed into the core of a lot of squall and bluster. It's fun, and rocks.

Then there's the ethereal wanderings of Savaging Spires, whose We Should Be Dead Together record is on the cusp of coming to fruition. This track is lovely. They played the Old Blue Last last week - unfortunately I missed it. AND Ill miss Girl Band's foray there next week as Ill be back in Oz. Ah well, I'm sure you can get along for me, right?

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