Tuesday 7 January 2014

Cooking Up Some Belated Xmas Cheer With Lehmann

I know, I know, Christmas is over for another year. So I've missed the boat on Christmas-themed tunes, right?


Melbourne rascal Lehmann B Smith wrote a great little pop song about Christmas, albeit dapper and downbeat, and the funds raised go to charity - to the fund for Typhoon Haiyan. 'Xmas Has Already Come' is a classy number, one that like most of Smith's oeuvre surreptitiously burrows beneath the skin, regardless of the festive season, and gives me a rash and a grin. And with lyrics like 'Your cooking oil's made a rainbow in my heart', there is no denying the ridiculous charm that is simmering on the stereo. Spare some change - we can give 365 days a year, you know...

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