Monday 20 January 2014

A Woodsman's Birthday

It isn't for a while yet - a few weeks, anyway - but my birthday is coming up. It lands on a Tuesday this year, and Tuesday tends to be a popular day of the week when it comes to putting out records. 2014 is already looking like being an amazing year for me as it is what with the label launched and so forth, but another thing that hints at how great this year will be comes in the form of Denver band Woodsman's third, self-titled record coming out on their own Fire Talk Records on my birthday! I have already had a sneaky few listens to the album, and it is very great indeed. Bizarrely I've always preferred their EPs to their albums as far as a holistic listen goes, but Woodsman might just be the first truly great record from start to finish that the trio have committed to tape. 'Rune' you have all probably heard - it's truly great - but the whole album offers up myriad delights and surprises such as the destructive 'Loose Leaf' and the reverb-heavy sunlit malaise of 'Obsidian'. Bliss.

Pre-order Woodsman now - you can either get a limited edition hand-collaged sleeve or a yellow bit o wax for your troubles. Happy birthday to me.

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