Thursday 27 October 2011

Turning Circles In Inner Islands

Another two releases worth mentioning out of the Inner Islands stable - and as always, they are damn good. The circle turns once more...

The first is From a Stone by WYLD WYZRDZ. The album is a peaceful blend of electronics and organics combining simple steady rhythms, field recordings and vocal chants along with various melodic instruments (dulcimer, flute, strum stick, bass, guitar, keys). Exactly what you would expect from a WYLD WYZRDZ release, sure, but if it ain't broke...

The second is a re-release of Sandpaintings by Stag Hare. This album was originally released on Moon Dial last year, the album shows SH's more reserved, languid side. One track per side - perfect for drifting away.

Both albums are on sale on cassette and digital download via Inner Islands here.

Stag Hare - Holy Person


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