Monday 24 October 2011

Totally Slack At Thrashin'

I spoke of New York band Total Slacker a little while back, stating that their track 'Psychic Mesa' was one of the best tracks Id heard this year (see here). That statement is still holding up, especially as it hits the conscience as the opening track of their new LP Thrashin' (out on Marshall Teller Records). The album itself is pretty decent, with some stellar songs that rival 'Psychic Mesa' and that play back towards the greater sounds of the early 90s. The entire album, and band's modus operandi, is a loving homage and pastiche of all things indie circa 93 (they even have a track called 'Stuck in '93', and another titled 'Secret VHS Collection'). It doesn't always work - Tucker Rountree's vocals on 'Life On Easy Street' grate pretty quickly, like within the first twenty seconds or so; and some of the references read more like a hipster reference guide. That is the thing - Thrashin' treads that fine line between having fun with the slacker ennui and culture of the 90s, yet also adhere to wear these influences like a perfectly placed Dinosaur Jr pin (Cheetos, Myspace and New Kids On The Block are referenced in the 1st three lines of 'Magical Date Night'). However in the main Total Slacker stave off an overt claim of pretension by creating continually catchy hooks, some effective vocal harmonies, and that killer opening track.

Grab Thrashin' here.

Total Slacker - Psychic Mesa
Total Slacker - Stuck in '93

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