Friday 21 October 2011

Triple Friday Cover Up - Loving Someone With Wet Hair Down By The Water

Ah, the week's end. Its a beautiful thing. So let's end it with a triple treat of covers!

I mentioned earlier in the month the lovely Cheyenne Marie Mize and her incumbent release We Don't Need. What we have here is her reworking of a classic PJ Harvey tune. Seeing as PJ has had a stellar 2011 with her award-smashing Let England Burn, it goes without saying that she doesnt need any more exposure :). But this is a lovely rendition, and makes me even more excited to see Mize in the live arena.

Cheyenne Marie Mize - Down By The Water (PJ Harvey cover)

Ive started taking hellish commuter trips to my new workplace - two bus trips that has me up and hailing public transport at 6am. With the iPod back in action, its been funny that my shuffle keeps landing on noisy duo Japandroids, particularly 'Darkness On The Edge Of Gastown' off their Lullaby Death Jams EP. Ive also been enjoying Teen Daze's 'The Harvest' - seriously, this dude is really putting it out there. Whilst I cant claim my iPod has developed cognitive powers and smooshed these two together, maybe the vibes have echoed across the cosmos, with Teen Daze trying his hand at Japandroids' 'Wet Hair'.

Teen Daze - Wet Hair (Japandroids cover)

Finally, a warped do-over. Raw Moans doesn't do things by halves, forcibly etching his personality on every cover he attacks. As you may remember he has been working on Safe Sex, a concept album that retools songs by musicians that were affected by HIV/AIDS. The album will be released on vinyl through Los Angeles label Living Tapes very soon, but in the meantime, get a fix with the cover of Queen's 'Somebody 2 Love'.

Raw Moans - Somebody 2 Love (Queen cover)

The weekend will be filled with posts on Psychic Ills, Mark McGuire and the next instalment of Hits From The Box - no rest for the wicked! Nevertheless, beers will be consumed. Enjoy the break kids!

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