Friday 21 October 2011

This Fortune Cookie Is Visionary!

Vision Fortune are two brothers spirits from London, UK, who have a great 7" out that is a little hard to explain - but Ill try. When i listened to 'Black Coral' and 'Void Of The Valley', it was as if Id wandered into a Middle Eastern confectionery store, eaten a whole lot of havla laced with barbiturates procured from Britain circa 1973, and then listened to the Dirtbombs played at quarter pace. That is a ridiculous analogy, I know, but there really is something otherworldly about these drone-centric concoctions - there is some Sun City Girls in there, some King Crimson, but it is truly incredible and stands on its own. Im a massive fan, and absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on more of this sweet, hallucinogenic candy - bad for you in so many ways, but the most addictive thing on earth...

Black Coral/Voids Of The Valley comes out next week - pre-order this from Mannequin here.

MNQ 019 Vision Fortune - Black Coral / Void of the Valley 7'' by Mannequin Label

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