Saturday 1 October 2011

Double Moon Rising Over The Wood(land)

Its a grand thing for Brisbane to be getting itself a slice of Ripley Johnson tonight. The wildly bearded frontman for San Francisco's premier psych band Wooden Shjips has been incredibly busy in 2011, seeing as the band put out their new album West on Thrill Jockey just a while back - and it is amazing! But before the big touring schedule kicks off again for those guys, Johnson is gracing Australia with his presence, along with his wife Sanae Yamada - who also happen to form San Francisco's other premiere psych band, Moon Duo! They also brought out a stellar album this year, Mazes (on Sacred Bones). Tonight they threaten to blow all patrons at Woodland into the ethereal stratosphere, helped out by Tasmania's Tiger Choir and Brisbane's merchants of loud and abrasive noise, Secret Birds. Not sure if tix are still available - check here, I have my fingers crossed for ya! This will be a true show to drop out to...

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