Friday 21 October 2011

Back And Forth With The Skull Defekts

It really is a psych-tastic day, what with the awesome local flavourings of Dreamtime and the incredible, INCREDIBLE Vision Fortune paving the way before us. But Im not finished there, no way Jose! For Ive received an suitably eclectic but altogether radtastic release from the Thrill Jockey stable, for my friends in haze, The Skull Defekts.

The Skull Defekts have a new 12" EP coming out next month. Recorded during their US tour earlier this year, The Skull Defekts for this recording includes Daniel Higgs and Zomes (Asa Osborne). 2013-3012 features three new tracks; the B-side presents those songs played in reverse and reverse-cut, starting from the inner-most groove and playing out toward the edge of the record. United by a common belief in the power of music and sound, The Skull Defekts and Zomes soon found themselves performing together, and when a show was cancelled during the tour, recording together for an explosive and extremely creative one day session. The cover features artwork by Daniel Higgs.

The track below is actually an amalgam of the track 'Children of the Skull Defekts' and its mirror image 'Stkefed Lluks Eth Fo Nerdlihc', which gives you an amazing idea of what this release entails. I love these guys, and Higgs' involvement with them - their album Peer Amid is one of my favourites of the year (check out my thoughts here). The band are joining many of my favourite bands at the inimitable Supersonic Festival in Birmingham tonight for three days - Barn Owl, White Hills, Eternal Tapestry, Part Chimp, Mike Watt, Bardo Pond - fucking incredible, right?

The Skull Defekts - Childrenerdlihc

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