Thursday 6 October 2011

Fatty Acids Burn Off Your Leftover Monster Face

Its been a pretty amazing week for random, small releases that have blown me away in some capacity. I still adhere that Happy People are the best "discovery" Ive made this year (check out here to see/read/hear what my fussin' is about), but damn there are some worthy bands nipping at its heels. Here is another one.

The Fatty Acids is a Milwaukee band that I knew absolutely nothing about before they sent me their second album Leftover Monsterface - and with a title like that, I must admit I came to it without any expectations. But have a look at the above band photo - one of the best of the year (its been a day for photogenic weirdos!), and a no brainer as to how the album turned out. Sure, it isn't quirky garage punk, or chillwave spazzouts, or even psych jams - what it is is extremely sonorous off-kilter indie rock. Take opening cut 'Creature' - one of the best stand-alone tracks Ive heard in the past few months. Dark, swirling, crawling along in its own filth - then shirking it all to touch the sun, driven by strangulating synth lines and some excellent harmonics. Elsewhere, tracks like 'Oven Mitts' make it clear that The Fatty Acids are a fun band, holding hands with big band melody and shiny-happy indie pop pomp whilst prancing through a field of amorous poppies (I don't know, it made sense when I thought it), but it is the darker and rockier elements of this album that resonate.

Leftover Monsterface is available for order here.

The Fatty Acids - Creature

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