Wednesday 26 October 2011

HITSing Out For Our Third Mere Noise Post

Time for a look at another Mere Noise artist that will be destroying at the Mere Noise Meltdown in December...and who better than those face-melting miscreants HITS.

HITS played a support show with New York Dolls last week - and that pretty much sums up this band. They murdered that gig, laying it on thick with their thundering, shredding, strutting, "fuckyeahs" and guitar caterwauls. These guys have always thrown every inch of their shit at the wall to see what sticks, and have lost none of their energy (if a few pints of sweat and blood). Its timely too, as the five balltearers have a new release forthcoming - and there is a sweet deal in the mix for it! Entitled the "Smoke Em Like You Got Em Deal", you can pre-order their new 'Gates Of Steel' single which is on a split 7" with Dimi Dero Inc's 'Unfair Enough' - and get a bonus ashtray that's been made out of the initial dud pressing! Head over here to get onto that - it is also HITS' first Bandcamp outing, so they are kinda getting all technologified (but not really).

In other news they have a new 7" in the works and a European tour planned for 2012 - Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain at this stage. All of which bodes well for the future - if you're into a future that will be blackened by rock cliche, evil grins and double entendres...which, let's face it, we all wish for.

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