Thursday 27 October 2011

No Muted Hall For The Angels

Sonoptik are making a name for picking up great sound artists. I mentioned last week the new Secret Birds release - well, here is another one that almost slipped through the cracks (and the artist has played with Secret Birds in the past, thanks Secret Birds!)

Tom Hall is also from Brisbane, although he now calls LA home. He has/had a great noise industrial instrumental project called AXXONN that I managed to catch a couple times at the beginning of the year before he made his exodus. A swirling mix between Jesu, My Bloody Valentine and Coil (can you tell I'm a fan?), AXXONN was a force to be reckoned with. However there were ambient moments amongst the fiery darkness, and its these shades of light that Hall's latest effort under his own name, Muted Angels, attacks.

Thick, sparse, melodic, drone, noise, ambiance - none are my words, yet Muted Angels claims them. The album is supposedly inspired by life’s mysteries, cruel happenings and wondrous surprises, with Hall striving to represent these intangible moments and emotions through sound, particularly sound derived from an in depth studio practice that he describes as “trying to find the sweet spot in a speaker cone just before it tears”. He does that with alarming regularity across all his guises, but it is more nuanced here. A true innovator amongst the experimental noise realm.

Grab Muted Angels here. Watch a clip and grab the mp3 of '4 Seconds Of Emotion' below. Let Hall spirit you away.

Tom Hall - 4 Seconds Of Emotion from Sonoptik on Vimeo.

Tom Hall - 4 Seconds of Emotion

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