Sunday 2 October 2011

Hits From The Box #36 - Back To School...

Ah, the imposed two week holiday. Double edged sword, that one - you get to hang out and relax, get away from the necessary evils of work - but as its between contracts, its all unpaid. Which means whilst you may have fun on said two weeks off, the next fortnight is a complete bitch. So Im back on a new chain gang tomorrow. At least there is a Sonic Masala Presents... show to look forward to (making the gig BYO is looking like a wise decision with every passing second...)

So, who will kick off the Hits From The Box on this, my last day of freedom? Well, if it isnt State Champion! The name of the 12" is Deep Shit (out late this month on Drag City and Sophomore Lounge), and its drawling, brawling brushstrokes falls into the same raucous Americana punk territory as Titus Andronicus or The Gaslight Anthem. Its shambolic, whisky fuelled indie hoedown fodder, and the lyrics are just as rambunctious. Good stuff.

State Champion - No Babies

Apperception is the solo project of Toronto based composer Joey Hoyda, a minimalist, post-rock-oriented piece of ambiance, governed by polyrhythm and polymeter. The self-titled album is an intriguing listen, basically a continuing idea rung out over a series of guitar-centric suites, and its well worth chasing down.

Apperception - Zappa Memorial BBQ

Now we turn our heads to the UK, and little outfit Deaf Club. Their Lull EP is four tracks of moody angular melody with the smoky wisp of Polly Mackey's vocals blowing like smoke over the top of a still, twilight bay, the calm before the inevitable storm. The Welsh group are turning heads, have just recorded at BBC's Maida Vale studios, and will be playing at London's Hoxton Bar and Grill on October 19. Deaf Club - It, She
Wow, these guys are retro to the point of being nonexistent! That is, until you dig to the core of things, and the genius shows its face - there is nothing innocent about these 60s quasi-wannabes... Plates Of Cake are releasing a 7" single to follow-up their debut LP, through All Hands Electric Records. Their sound has hooks aplenty, so much so they have garnered a support slot to indie sugarpop darlings Cloud Nothings in November. Trust me - these guys are going places.

Plates Of Cake - As If The Choice Were Mine

Another from the Crash Avenue stable, chanteuse Cheyenne Marie Mize is not easy to categorise. Each song on her We Don't Need EP dips into another genre, and is handled with liberal doses of sass and vigour. There are touchstones right across the board - from Mazzy Star to KT Tunstall, and from Dylan to Godspeed (really) - its a schizophrenic and enervating ride. Yet its the cacophonous closer that really grabbed me, and showed me the dark beauty within...its well worth the trip.

Cheyenne Marie Mize - Back Around

And finally we have the ace High Pop. The duo - Sean Posila and Jordan Caulfield - muster up fuzzy garage pop, written for the very dregs of youth culture - quoted as being "kinda like the Beach Boys on crack." This is an interesting premise and one that I can find an affinity with. Although I think Brian may have danced with the white devil anyway. So I guess these guys are more the Beach Boys on meth? Their EP would promise us as much - Hippy Speed Ball is as apt a title as any (definitely grab it here!). It is also a hell of a lot of fun, and a great way to see out the weekend!

High Pop - Drip From The Sea

Happy Sunday!

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