Tuesday 4 October 2011

Climbing These Mountains At Midnight

Another Crash Avenue special...

Annie Williams is an interesting lady. Growing up in St Louis,, Williams' eyes were firmly set on the dusky horizons, wistfully longing for the Western climes of Wyoming. So much so that after school she packed up and spent five years there, residing in Laramie. These experiences, this innate connection to the environs, are what fuels her dusky, longing-filled songs, most evocatively displayed on her latest dual set of EPs, This Mountain and Midnight Window. As a solo singer-songwriter, she discards many of the familiar trappings, instead colouring her odes to the wilderness with a steely resolve that belies her beautiful vocals. Her current life - travelling nomadically between Jackson, Wyoming and Taos, New Mexico, marks her as a true free spirit, yet these EPs are the perfect example of someone who is giving more than taking.

This Mountain is more refined than Midnight Window - the latter displaying more of an indie trope-heavy take on esoteric wanderings - yet both EPs (consisting of 5 tracks each) are elegant in their tenuous vibrancy, a Lorelei calling out from the rock face. An earthier, more robust Emiliana Torrini if she divulged in more Gillian Welch and Sarah Blasko - heavyweight.

Annie Williams - This Mountain
Annie Williams - Midnight Window

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