Sunday 23 October 2011

Hits From The Box #38 - Mag Lev Presents...Eclecticisms Anonymous

I'm not gonna lie to ya - this week's Hits From The Box is pretty random. However, I had built this entire post around one release - Mag Lev's Snakes - and the rest I jumped on as soon as they nicked at a possible hook. As is my way, I then put my six choices into a playlist to roll forth as I write, which usually takes me an hour (seriously). This one floated in a really weird way, yet the more I listened the more I really dug the weird realms every artist inhabits. I cannot really explain just where this playlist took me, or where it will lead you - just that it was a real experience. Hopefully you will too. (and again, sorry to play favourites - but Mag Lev is pretty awesome...)

I'm really happy to be opening with the one-man band otherwise known as Devereaux. A heady mixture of Trans Am and Ratatat, with some futuristic Battles bent used to oil the joints, Devereaux creates predominantly instrumental sojourns through a TRON-like landscape, albeit with a Skynet like entity watching from the skies.

Devereaux - Espejo
Devereaux - NYXT

Continuing down the slightly metallic, cyborg-straddling route, we come across Appalache. Appalache Goes America 2.0 creates weird warped faux folk psych meanderings, like a long lost recording found in a time capsule that has been baked in the ground. Bursting forth from the mind of Parisian Julien Magot, whilst touring southern US o A, its an intriguing 12+ minutes of eclectic electric.

Appalache - Appalache Goes American 2.0

Lefse Records are responsible for putting out young band Children of Pop's latest (apparently only) track. The Houston bedroom wanderers are individualistic in that they openly proclaim themselves as a chillwave project. Before you run away like your face is on fire, though, check out 'Charge' - its a warm slice of somnambulist pop that soars right over preconceptions and makes you believe that there are decent acts that delve into these sonic realms...possibly... (Really like the woozy lyrics too).

Children Of Pop - Charge

I know it sounds like I'm being sponsored today, but I can ASSURE THAT IS NOT HAPPENING (unfortunately - I would totally take the money and run). Mag Lev has actually been a follower of this blog for quite a while - you will see his tag on a few comments here and there. So when he sent me his EP I was obliged to give it a spin (not that I don't at least dabble in all songs sent my way...). I am pleased to say I really, really dig Snakes, his 4 track EP of instrumental noodlings. It isn't psych; it isn't krautrock; it isn't electronica; its all of these, and none. its actually pretty fucking great though, so thanks for the comments Mag (yep, totes on first name basis), but thanks even more for these songs - they are ace of base!

Mag Lev - Bones

I didn't think I would like this EP, but there is something about this that worked for me. Mellzo is a London based beatmaker that plays with Bollywood trip-hop... I'm just saying this, I have no idea what I'm listening to. This seriously would not normally click with me, but there is something about this compositions that really work.

Mellzo - Nght Lng

Finishing up what has been a very eclectic HFTB with what has been called "the worst band ever created". Now I'm pretty sure Ive seen or at least heard many artists that deserve to be at the bottom of a mass grave more than The Korps, I can tell you! But when these guys came out in the late 70s, they were slammed - yet their album Hello World! was praised. So I should be giving this more than a spot here, because I could write heaps on just this topic alone. But I actually don't dig it as much as others say I should. Still, there are some killer punk tracks here - below are two of em...

Korps - Winner By Elimination
Korps - Beat The Beats


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