Thursday 20 October 2011

Angry Equations Will Get You To Heaven

Wow. NZ's God Bows To Math (gleaning their name from an ace Minutemen track) are on the verge of releasing their self-titled debut LP, and it is killer! The Auckland three piece, shovel angular noise in bursts straight to the core of your brain. There is definite menace in there thar hills (obvious in the bristling opener 'Slow Decline'), and this its the kind of dark tension that offers the payload in wanton fits of explosive fury. Im a big fan, you will be too. There are rumours that the band will make a trip to Australia soon too - I will keep you posted on that...

God Bows To Math (through MUZAI Records) is out November 14 - pre-order it here. Their opening track, 'Slow Decline', is also the leading single - listen below. If you like (and Im positive you will), buy it digitally - the cash is helping to make back the cash spent on making the record. Its not much to help an ace band out, right?


god bows to math - Slow Decline by MUZAIRecords

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