Wednesday 26 October 2011

Toads Giving Birth = Psychotropic Yet Awkward

Birthgiving Toad - from that title alone I knew I was leaving Planet Earth for a while. On the Danish solo artist's For Awkward Company record, you will be treated to some seriously warped rock - like Yes, if they were rather found of licking a - yep, got it! - birthgiving toad. Its a gross thought. The album, though, is very interesting, hallucinogenic, and overall a bit of fun (and a Sly & the Family Stone cover to boot! Yea, you have no idea what's been tossed into the blender on this one...)

(And if you are wondering why I have a picture of Australian rugby union fullback Kurtley Beale here, it's because I typed in birthgiving toad into google pics, and amidst the gross anatomical process of toads giving birth there was this one. I laughed for quite some time. That is all. The actual album cover, and a couple tracks, are below).

Birthgiving Toad - Waxtipede
Birthgiving Toad - Tiny Rocker

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    Second album is ready now: