Friday 28 October 2011

Dancing With The Devil On The Pale Beach Sand...

Recorded in a one room church in rural Wisconsin and at The Old Blackberry Way in Minneapolis, the self-titled EP from Minneapolis artiste Devil On The Beach (Neil Weir from The Chambermaids, who we caught on Hits From The Box last month, and he runs the Old Blackberry Way, which is rather convenient) is an ambient tour de force. Its a simple construction - Weir only had a Fender Jazzmaster, some pedals and a treated analog drum machine - the end result is an adroit exercise in concise emancipation.


Well, at under fifteen minutes in length, there is a languidity to these four tracks that washes you away then rolls you back, the ebb and flow of a sonic tide, at once lulling, tranquil and ominous. Its an impressive effort, one guaranteed to have you on the repeat button incessantly.

Grab Devil On The Beach here.

Devil On The Beach - Side 2
Devil On The Beach - Side 3

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