Monday 24 October 2011

Eternal Mood Exorcism Rings

Double Phantom Records put out this 7" by Atlanta band Mood Rings. It offers two slices of spangly psych pop that swims in the waters that Robert Smith might have bathed in had he been a little more cheery. 'Promise Me Eternity' is languid to the point of standing still, awash with shimmering instrumentation that evokes Instagram photos that wash a picnic photo in pastel shades of sunlight. On the flip side "Exorcised Painting' is a short punchy number, the guitar and drums punching through into another realm. Its an ace couple of tracks (particularly enamoured with 'Exorcised Painting'), you get your mitts on it here. Have a listen below and see what you think...

Mood Rings - Promise Me Eternity
Mood Rings - Exorcised Painting

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