Wednesday 26 October 2011

Time To Get Your Beaks Crushed

We have another shimmering noise shoegaze pop band from London. And yep, they're good too.

Duo Matt Poile and Alex Morris, better known as Crushed Beaks. Having formed in 2010 through a shared love of Italian horror films (and seriously, haven't we all fallen a bit harder for someone when they get their Fulci hard-on?), Crushed Beaks set about putting their fuzzy wall of melodic noise to record. Their mixture of relentless, pounding drums and salacious, swirling melodies found the two creating a live force to be reckoned with, yet they have chosen their first single proper to take the step into different surroundings to their DIY recording norm. Whilst the guitars were kept in their natural Wendy House environment, the drums were taken to New Cross’ Zion Chapel where they were given the somehow ghostly strength the songs so demanded. It really pays dividends, as you can hear below.

They are set to release their debut single proper through the Too Pure Singles Club on November 21st in the form of ‘Close-Ups/Sun Dogs’. It's the B-side we have streaming below. It's pretty fucking awesome, I'm sure you'd agree! The vinyl will be white, thus luscious, and can be pre-ordered right now.

Sun Dogs by Crushed Beaks

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