Tuesday 4 October 2011

Mere Noise Meltdown

The guys over at Brisbane label Mere Noise Records are holding their annual Mere Noise Meltdown this year on Saturday December 3rd. The venue has shifted to Woodland due to the shaky nature hanging over the future of the Step Inn, but Im sure it will be as awesome as ever (and the beers on tap won't taste like beer circa 1973 combined with detergent - hey, I love the Step Inn - but bottled booze was the only way to go...). Its gonna be the biggest of its kind, with three stages, a German sausage sizzle and one hell of a lot of noise! At just $32 + bf (grab them here - first 100 tickets get a free album from the Mere Noise catalogue - otherwise they are $40 on the door), and seeing as it's headlined by none other than Japanese garage rock gods Guitar Wolf, its going to be monumentally, retardedly amazeballs. Higher kudos you will not find...

See the current line-up below. Expect a rundown of these bands each week until the Meltdown...err...melts down.

Guitar Wolf (Japan)
The Horrortones
Texas Tea
No Anchor
Undead Apes
Keep On Dancin's
The Danger Men
Tiny Migrants
The Chokes
Go Violets

And here is a video of Guitar Wolf playing in Croatia this year...

Guitar Wolf - Live In Zagreb, 2011. by velimirgrgic

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