Wednesday 5 October 2011

Angular Death Hearts, Dressed in Black And White

Swiss-Canadians Peter Kernel have just launched an angular, aggressive little number in LP White Death Black Heart. I played their first single 'Anthem Of Hearts' briefly here, and it is a weird one - Barbara's chants are kinda off putting to me. Well, the rest of the album explodes. Caught between the crossfire of Blonde Redhead at their most Sonic Youth (in no small part to both Aris' nonchalant snarl and viscous guitarmanship), and the Coathangers, White Death Black Heart is a roiling ball of kinky aggression, one that grooves and thrashes in equal measure. I liked the band before - I love their moxy now.

White Death Black Heart is out now on AfricanTape. Its a nice piece of vinyl, for an electric release. Get it.

Peter Kernel - Panico! This Is Love
Peter Kernel - I'll Die Rich At Your Funeral

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