Tuesday 11 October 2011

Is It Right Or Wrong To Be Feeling This Dissolving Love?

Ah, Dissolve Me... I have had this album for what feels like forever, but has probably only been a fortnight. I have had 'I Am Right And You Are Wrong' for months though, and that has been enough. The Feeling Of Love are a French three-piece that have mutated from the warped mind of G. Marietta (from A.H. Kraken). Dissolve Me is infectious as all get out, insisting on metronomic drums that permeate the entire album, some incessant organ pumping, and Marietta's growling guitar and bark, all combine to create some addictive arse-shakers with serious attitude to burn. I really like this one - it's a diamond in the rough.

Dissolve Me is out now through Kill Shaman Records - grab it here.

The Feeling Of Love - I Am Right, And You Are Wrong

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