Wednesday 26 October 2011

Ding Dong, Post Rock Is Not Dead!

Pan hail from South Carolina, and are all about claiming post-rock back. The much maligned genre is the dumping ground for basically any band that plays without vocals nowadays, and a lot of bands are quite vocal about not wanting it tagged to their creative outlet. So I'm all for Pan claiming it, even if its tongue in cheek. Their debut EP is titled Post Rock Is Not Dead, and it finds an amazing middle ground between the ebullient, effortlessly fun sounds of Fang Island with the grandiose sounds of obvious touchstones Explosions In The Sky - and there isn't much in the way of grandstanding, posturing or pilfering to be found. Its a solid release all round, and seeing as I love me my instrumentals, that is an infinitely good thing!

Pan - Seeking (the Sea King)

Grab Post Rock Is Not Dead here!

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