Tuesday 4 October 2011

Ruined Via Demonic Talk

Talkdemonic isn't the most catchy of names, so when this dropped in the inbox I didnt give it much more than a cursory look. Then I noticed that their album, Ruins, was coming out via Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock's personal label, Glacial Pace Recordings. A bit superficial, I know, but I gave it a shot. Damn glad I did. The Portland-based instrumental post-rock duo marry Ratatat-like 8-bit majesty ('Slumber Verses', 'Midcentury Motion') with staticy electronics, expansive percussion and otherworldly compositions ('Revival', 'City Sleep') , culminating in a sound that is quite unique. Ruins is their fourth outing, offering some majestic arrangements that often stretch out to the limits of expectations before inverting them altogether. Their metronomic ululations between brooding introspection, languid experimentation and aural assaults are as enthralling as they are wickedly covert. This album is incredibly exciting, and should be on everyone's playlist come end of the year.
Ruins comes out today. Talkdemonic are playing the CMJ New Music Festival before embarking on a series of shows supporting The Flaming Lips. I really hope this offers more of a wider fanbase, as these songs are awesome. Grab Ruins here. Talkdemonic - Revival

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