Tuesday 25 October 2011

Torch(e)ing Part Of The Dying Chimp

Its with much sadness that this release comes out. Whilst its an excellent one - a 12" tour split between Scotsmen Part Chimp and US mentalists Torche (plus they play Guided By Voices covers!!!), it marks the second last release that we will get from the Glasgow noise merchants, what with them pulling up stumps in the New Year. Chunklet are the fine folks that are putting this out, and its a special one. The story is thus:

"Five years ago, during SXSW, Chunklet put on a 20 band bill in two parking lots in north Austin. Two bands met and became immediate fans of each other. Torche, who were still a brand new band and at SXSW at Chunklet's request, and Part Chimp, the noise titans from London who were touring the States for the second time. And well, on that steamy tarmac, a love affair was born. Almost immediately thereafter, we all started discussing a split release featuring the two bands, and sadly, it takes the pending dissolution of Part Chimp to make it happen. Yes, this is the final Part Chimp release here in the States and the penultimate worldwide."

Sad, right? But at least this thing exists! Part Chimp turn in two scorchers, 'Dr. Horse' and 'The Watcher', while Torche send a love letter to the boys from Dayton and cover three GBV songs ('Exit Flagger', 'Unleashed! The Large Hearted Boy' and 'Postal Blowfish').

But the awesomeness does not stop there! You get a colour vinyl with the cover artwork (featuring Gorillas and Yeti's fighting in a future we'll hopefully never witness) done by the world-renowned sci-fi illustrator Trevor Claxton. That's the art that lies above and below us, gang! Furthermore, that amazing looking type was hand drawn by Nolen Strals from Post-Typography and Double Dagger, another band that has just called it a day (one of the best bands I have ever seen - sigh...).

I hope you are planning on getting your mitts on this one! Grab it here before it all runs out!!

Have a listen to Part Chimp's 'The Watcher' and Torche's version of 'Exit Flagger' here.

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