Sunday, 12 October 2014

Video Vacuum - Dean Blunt, A Kenny For Your Thoughts, Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders, Las Tetas

Normally I do a Video Vacuum for the weekday when the working grind is bearing down on us (me). This Sunday I am buried in bed, watching British folk horror movies. And these music videos. Come nestle in beside me.

Dean Blunt a force unto himself - a part of the enigmatic genius of Hype Williams, and just as beguiling on his own. Here is the clip for 'Trident' - half slow motion inner city unease with ambient brew, before the discordant groove finally smashes through. The otherworldly beats and Blunt's voice echoing from the dark depths, equal parts aggression and ominous croon, combine to present a narcoleptic spiral into a disturbed netherworld. Excellent. And for good measure - here is 'Trident Pt 2".

Liam Kenny's solo downward slide A Kenny For Your Thoughts is something else, right? And finally we have some visuals to go with this electronic melting pot of eclectic nihilism. 'Avalanche' is such a great industrial grind pop song (or something), and the smoky dinge, sordid card games and lurid Aussie currency pile is custom-built for Kenny's skewed work. The fade out B&W and the bleeding colour swaps add to the mind melt pyrotechnics. Brilliant.

Jackie Lads (Jack Ladder to you) and his Dreamlanders are bailing Hurtsville and have a podium riding Sharon Van Etten in tow for 'Come On Back This Way'. His is a truly idiosyncratic approach knows no bounds - this is 80s lounge croon, C&W twang brood, and with a slide guitar solo from a man with a glowing hook for a hand - just in time for some good damn coffee. Now where is that backwards talking dwarf when you need him? Brilliant.

And we finish up out on The Plains with Las Tetas. A film clip that plays out like a kitchen-sink realist approach to Gummo, middle class Antipodean style, this video has me transfixed. There isn't anything overly sordid about the whole piece, but (for the second Lynchian parallel) there is something hidden amongst the grass behind the white picket fence here. Especially digging that fat bassline that reverberates over the top of everything, refusing to stay buried (just like that bloody severed ear). Brilliant.

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