Saturday, 11 October 2014

Unknown Broken Shards

Just a quickfire post about a release I wish more people knew about (including myself). Shards are a Melbourne band - and that's about all I know. Except that this cathartic, cacophonous mess that is their debut album is a guitar maelstrom of tension. Even when the noise is unleashed - which is quite often - there is no relent, no release. Ratcheted up to the nth degree, Shards splinters and fractures and reforms as before, coiled for another attack. 'Morning Song' hits you in a subtler way - a broken whimsy that seems windswept and breezy but is just as desperate as the assaults of  'Play' and the brooding storm of 'Hanging Around'. There is lyrical abasement and navel-gazing, all delivered in a drawled strangle. It's great. More please.

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