Friday, 10 October 2014


(Article by Fred Savage Beasts)

I am digging this new Earl Boykins record. What at first seemed like it was going to be a pretty straightforward deal took a nice turn for the strangely personal. Part confession, part airy feeling, and all in all pretty damn interesting, it feels really comfortable (but not too comfortable). And it’s growing on me big time. There are little licks in here worth going back for; scraps and bits to really pay attention to. It’s kinda like visiting some place you used to go on school holidays only to find out your parents used to score cheap weed there. And then finding out that you can get a family discount cause the guy remembers your mum or you have the same moustache as your dad, or something like that.

Get your hands on the record (out on tape through Forged Artifacts) now. And check out the rest of the roster while you’re there. The Los Angeles Police Department track is damn rad.


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