Monday, 20 October 2014

Old Tesla Enduro Branca

I came across this last night - the vinyl for Negra Branca's excellent self-titled release from last year. It's a warped soul train caught in a vat of sparkling amber, forever floating through the spaces between. The discombobulated vocals of Marlene Ribiero are bewitching, an effortless sine wave that weaves in with the hypnotic beats, played out like a trip-hop ascension to the holy gates of eternal bliss. just a trigger hair from a narcoleptic dive into damnation. Negra Branca is a dark yet transcendental release - and seeing as Ribiero is familiar with creating dark, transcendental music of a different kind through her associations with Gnod, it's not that much of a surprise that this is where we end up - a bad acid sworl with shards of light spiking the darkness. Get it here.

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