Monday, 6 October 2014

Trust These Punks To Get Us In Gordian Knots

Auckland tetchy malcontents Trust Punks are preparing to launch their debut LP Discipline (through Spunk Records)on a widely unsuspecting world later this year, and 'Gordian Knot' leads me to believe that they intend to hypnotise and paralyse in equal measure. Offering up an off-kilter pop stagger in the first third, the five-piece laugh and howl in our faces, the guitars interweaving with that piano-wire precision that Canadian band Women mastered so well (yes, I STILL am harping on about them), all making for a mesmerising yet disconcerting listen. Then there is the crunch of the vocal less middle, that marches forward with hooded intent, before bringing us full circle, an agitated ouroboros eating its own tail. Like geographical brethren Popstrangers, Trust Punks are taking melodies from a skewed angle, something I am incredibly happy with.

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