Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Too Many Cassettes For This Sad Horse Town

I was not expecting to hear an album like Purple On Purple Makes Purple come out of the Field Hymns stable, but then again the label aim to surprise, forever throwing curveballs at the ears. Sad Horse may not fit the nebulous electronic weirdnik mold that Field Hymns often champion - this kind of slacker punk maelstrom is more suited to angular destructions than 8-bit eargasms - but on the strength of this album anyone would be stupid not to have put this out... The Portland duo have been compared to some heavyweights such as The Stooges, Pavement and Sleater-Kinney - all with misnomers of course (on Ritalin, with a sense of humo(u)r, etc etc), but the label itself gets the one-two punch combo right by saying that Purple On Purple Makes Purple has shades of Pussy Galore in its garish DNA, exploding in a "controlled sense of fuckall and abandon." Now before you start to throw the lazy writing what the bio states flag at me, I will say this - Sad Horse slay me, with fourteen sub-two minute slabs of barb(ed)iturate wails and loose-limbed flailing and laughing - on the inside and in your face. 'You Are Idiots' is probably my favourite slice of Sad Horse pie, but it is all delicious, if somewhat destructive to your health and sense of well-being. I'm heading back for seconds.

Purple On Purple Makes Purple is cassette only - put out for Cassette Store Day - and limited to 100, which is frankly dumb - this should be littering everyone's bedroom floor, preferably by the thousands. Get it here while you can - and put it out on vinyl already.

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