Friday, 10 October 2014

Eyeing Off Living With Guilty Pleasures

Geelong's greatest exponents of slacker punk The Living Eyes have upped the ante tenfold on their new single 'Guilty Pleasures', the first taste of their new LP Living Large to come out on Anti-Fade Records. The rough, nigh-on-brutal pace and tone of this song evokes dirty dingy 70s neck brace pace punk, which those who loved their self-titled debut (and I am definitely one of those) might find a shocking twist to the band's sound. But seriously, I haven't heard something this energised and authentic (although I'm sure the boys would scoff at that term) for a long time - we are used to laconicism, whimsy, cynicism and abject amorality, yet straight up floored serration and spit like this has been missing from the garage for aeons. A friend of mine compared this 7" (coupled with equally destructive 'Lowlife') to The Intelligence - who I really like - but 'Guilty Pleasures' is - dare I say it? - better. Get the 7" here and hyperventilate until Living Large finally hits us in the face.

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