Thursday, 2 October 2014

Metronomic Time Keeping

One of Australia's newest and most intriguing labels is it Records, mining the experimental outliers of electronic pop excess (see: White Hex, A Kenny For Your Thoughts). Now they bring to our attention a newer label, Nice:NOISE (curated by it's Kate Reid, Dual Planet and Jenny Branagan from NUN), which aims to go even further in mining the depths of, to quote the crew, "the best in electronic squelches, squeals, analogue hums and various fodder." This could mean a hodgepodge of avant-garde alchemists, but with the first release it feels like there is a educated stab at bringing missed opportunities into the refracted spotlight. Time Keeping 1979-1985 is a compilation from Melbourne minimal wave trio The Metronomes, and it's an album that showcases both a hazed approach to synth malaise, the end result a languid, vaguely sinister unravelling of synthetic minds and spirits. My pick - 'A Living Person'. Pre-order it here.

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