Saturday 1 May 2010

Unnatural Helpers = natural rock

Unnatural Helpers, a new Hardly Art signee, have just released their LP Cracked Love & Other Drugs, and it is unadulterated rock (pronounced rawk). Single 'I Don't Belong To You' is 1 and a half minutes of blistering otherness, it thumps along incessantly, forcing you to air drum everything, its crunching riffs invading your sleep. It is inevitable that the track will be on repeat, as something so short and sweet needs to be indulged time and again. These Seattleites inhabit everything that is inherently wonderful about balls to the wall rock - heavy addictive riffs, thumping bass, a visceral scream, and songs that evoke everything from partying hard, to smashing shit. I feel more should be said, but I cant be bothered - just go and get the album. Prepare for very short cuts of guitar abuse, brilliant drumming, caustic vocals, and your days to fly by.

Sonic Masala faves Eddy Current Suppression Ring are doing a few dates in the US with these guys too, thus skyrocketing their appeal.

Unnatural Helpers - I Dont Belong To You

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