Monday 10 May 2010

Six Degrees of Deerhunter #2 - Weird Era Cont./On Platts Eyott Island

Next up we go to a couple of rare releases by Deerhunter.

On the left, we have Weird Era Cont., released as a bonus disc to Microcastle late in 2008. It is unique in that the songs were created and performed by individual members of the band - hence the connection from Lotus Plaza. 'Cavalry Scars II/Aux Out' is from this 'album'.

On the right we have the ultra rare On Platts Eyotts Island. Put out in 100 copy instalments on either orange or pink cassette, the seven-track release was recorded by Cox and Cox alone at London's Capitol K studio in September 2008, preceding Microcastle's launch and includes alternate renditions of a number of Microcastle jams. Cox refers to it as both "a tribute to John Peel" and "like a pretend John Peel session." The lucky peeps to get the cassettes? The 1st 100 punters to come through the door for the Microcastle record release bash at Variety Playhouse in Atlanta. The pink tapes were for 100 quick types who picked them up on the 'net. Lucky sods. Still, here is 'Cum Horizon (improvisation)', the opening track, to let you know what it is like.

Deerhunter - Cavalry Scars II/Aux Out

Deerhunter - Cum Horizon (improvisation)

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