Monday 24 May 2010

Luxury Transit Transit

Some bands always seem to be on the pulse, their finger on the latest trend or fashion spreading through bands like a wild fire on a hot day. But then some bands take their time to develop, not giving a shit what anyone else is doing or what is meant to be 'cool'. Such an attitude has to be a good thing in the long run. Music would never move on if every band jumped on the latest band wagon (no pun intended, honest). But at the same time keeping half an eye on the past can produce a sound that, to my ears, sounds timeless.

One such band would have to be Los Angeles trio Autolux. This is a band whose first L.P, Future Perfect that arrived way back in 2004, was fixated with a accessible shoegaze aesthetic, but it contained tracks that really did have that timeless quality - just listen to 'Turnstile Blues' below. So when ATP recordings announced today that the band was due to drop their second long player in August, Transit Transit, it stirred feelings in me like the returning of an old friend with the promise of exciting new stories to tell. The only hints of where the new material might take us can be found with their work with UNKLE, both on the track 'Joy Factory', and the track 'Fat Kid' that sat on the b-side of 2008's Audience No. 2 7" from 2008. Could we see a more electronic Autolux? Its hard to tell, what do you think? I'll be feeling all excited and reminiscent till August.

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