Thursday 13 May 2010

A Friendship of daggers

Right back to Double Dagger, well-ish. As you can tell I'm mega stoked to see Double Dagger at last but I thought it was only right to give a mention to their support for the European tour, namely Friendship. The London duo have been floating round for a while, in fact the track below The Graveyard Shift has been around for just over a year but their new single Lifeguard (out last month) has a touch more sunnier vibe, reminds me of the Fair Ohs but less Paul Simon. Friendship really deserve more attention than they've be getting; maybe that should read, than I've been giving them? Either way it will be good to hear more of the stuff over the weekend.

Friendship - The Graveyard Shift

Pic by Gareth James, photographer mate of the band, nice stuff.

(Brendan T - you've seen them a couple times in support slots - Part Chimp, That Fucking Tank! - they've always been floating about in the right circles. Agreed - well worth a look)

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