Wednesday 5 May 2010

Visions of trees in cobras

Ever slow on the uptake its about time I posted about London duo Visions of Trees. With the landing of their E.P. Sometimes it Kills back in February, Visions of Trees have been labeled as London's answer to that most industrious of electronic genius (well if you include side projects) The Knife or even Gang Gang Dance. Illustrious company to keep then that's not short of other contemporaries traveling the same road, High Places spring to mind, but Visions of Trees are plying their own take on things.

Their sound has been describe as "tropical dream pop", which fits, but is maybe a touch vague 'cos there's definitely a dark animal lying under the surface. Maybe its the scattering tribal beats or soft reverb drenched vocals but I can't help but have visions of Takashi Murakami paintings coming alive every time I listen to the track Cult of Cobras, or maybe as the Line Of Best Fit blog put it "you’ve just been on an LSD fueled swim with a herd of dolphins..." Either way one to float into late at night.

Visions of Trees - Cult of Cobras

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