Monday 10 May 2010

Hear the Knives Sharpen...

Ah, Young Knives! Whilst not the best band I saw, these English punkish chaps were part of the lineup of 2008's Offset Festival - the first music festival I went to as a resident of the UK (one week young I was!). With the likes of Wire, Gang of Four and Future of the Left amongst many other blistering acts that weekend, Young Knives acquitted themselves and had one intrigued Antipodean punter in their corner. I chased down their albums, and was reasonably impressed with what I heard. The Oxford-via-Leicestershire trio are nothing if not fun, raucous rabble rousers, their moddish coifs notwithstanding...

So, I was listening to Marc Riley on Radio 6 last week, waiting for Deerhunter to come on (ah, that common thread - Im sorry but this is how it will be until Wednesday, when Pavement blow me the hell away), and he threw on the new Young Knives track. A few things came to mind. Firstly, that I hadnt paid mind to them for something like 9 months, except for the occasional shuffle track on the ol iPod. Secondly, that they are a solid band, and one well worth checking out as they step out in dapper fashion this summer.

The Young Knives - We Are The Also Rans

The Young Knives - Here Comes The Rumour Mill


  1. I thought they were from Oxford? Also check out the track 'Kitchener' they never play it live but in my book its the best they've ever done.

  2. They are based there - Ive amended...

  3. Anonymous25/5/10 23:38

    I thought they were from somewhere quaint in Leics?

  4. They are, and they aren't. Something like that. Obtuse? Yes.