Monday 17 May 2010

Six Degrees of Deerhunter #6 – Neil Young via No Age, Bob Mould and the Ghost Dog guy?

Ah, the final instalment. I must say that this 6 Degrees… has been flimsier that the Sonic Youth collective from a couple months ago, but it has helped to unearth some gems. I didn’t even get to mention Bradford Cox’s involvement in the Karen O-driven Where The Wild Things Are score. But I had to include this last one, however - I think is an absolute doozy, and helped to fuel my very first Friday covers post.

The absolute brilliance that is All Tomorrow’s Parties has given birth to many an amazing collaboration, rendition, notorious event etc. Last year’s New York ATP was no exception. Pitchfork went through and got some clandestine recordings in apartments with band members from various acts playing the weekend, and it was extremely intriguing viewing. The absolute highlight of this was one of the curators, esteemed cult film auteur Jim Jarmusch, Randy and Dean of No Age, Bradford Cox, and Bob Mould. Their track? The epic Neil Young song Cortez the Killer. I think it is a fitting way to finish off this post. So, without further ado, enjoy…

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