Sunday 2 May 2010

Friday cover up #8

Stop the presses! I know Im not Johnny-on-the-spot with this one, as its now Sunday - but Ive just got off a plane from Australia, and am still somewhat jetlagged, so cut me some freakin slack! Still, ill make it up to yall by offering up not just a cover, but an album of covers! Those masters over at Stereogum put out a tribute album to Bjork's incendiary album of 1995, Post. Thetribute album is called Covered. The artists doing the covering include Liars, Xiu Xiu, No Age, Atlas Sound, Winter Hinterland, Dirty Projectors... It is a masterstroke. Hunt it down, for the love of God! Im pretty sure Stereogum still offer it as a zip file on their site somewhere. And in the meantime, here is a taste by one of my favourite bands, Liars...

Liars - Army of Me (Bjork cover)

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