Tuesday 4 May 2010

Avi Buffalo - saved by the last time

Avi Buffalo have certainly been getting props over the past few months, with many a learned pundit lauding their self titled debut LP with a multitude of accolades. So I went and bought the album, unheard.


I found that the band's sound was a little too cute, too twee, for anything to really take for me. That is, until I listened to 'Remember Last Time'. Whilst not enough to save the album for me, the track is certainly a brilliant slice of their sunny pop that wigs out at the end, which is more my line of blissed out magic.

It must be noted that I can be a bit of a tragic for anything quiet/loud, anything epic, anything that starts minimal and builds exponentially until it explodes in a radiant ball of muscular musical light... in which case Im incredibly biased here.

Therefore, check out Avi Buffalo to find out for yourself - its incessant beauty is in the youthful exuberance and cute grubbiness of the folk rock genre, cross sectioned by great guitar interplay and the occasional psychedelic twinge (see other track 'Whats In It For?' for a good indication - and its not bad at all...)

Avi Buffalo - Remember Last Time
Avi Buffalo - Whats It In For?

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