Thursday 6 May 2010

Interpol shines a new Light

Interpol have been a little quiet of late. After the ho hum reception to their last LP Our Love To Admire, it seemed that the NYC quartet may have hit the wall, caught in the rock and hard place that is major label expectations and fan base appeal. Lead singer Paul Banks spent the time off creating Julian Plenti, whose album Julian Plenti Is...Skyscraper may not have veered far from Interpol territory, it certainly showed some semblance of form (NB - Im one of the few that quite enjoyed Our Love... - even though not as cohesively enjoyable as Turn On The Bright Lights and Antics, tracks such as 'Pioneers To The Fall' and 'The Heimlich Maneuvre' showed the band's continuing maturity).

Now the guys are prepping the release of their fourth, as yet untitled, album, and we at Sonic Masala have a lil taster for you. Drummer Sam Fogarino promised an expansion on sonic territory, a true cohesion of the band's identity, and a marriage of sorts of their past, Bright Lights era and the future. However frontman Paul Banks nixed this notion. So what will this album hold for us? It certainly seems to be divisive... Hence the new track's name may well prove to be defining. See what you think...

Interpol - Lights


  1. i too am a big fan of Antics and it just feels like "lights" doesnt quite kick off for me

  2. Brendan T7/5/10 06:48

    Agreed Beaver. I dont want to put the knockers on it prematurely, but...