Tuesday 11 May 2010

A fresh golden triangle

On Thursday the already much mentioned Deerhunter gig at Heaven was kicked off by The Fresh and Onlys in support and I thought that if I was to post the pics then its only fair that I gave them a bit of a mention first.

Now The Fresh and Onlys have always foxed me a little. Everything of theirs that I had previously heard always seemed a touch lightweight to me, like they needed to invest in a proper bass amp or something (not that I know anything about bass amps). So on Thursday I felt it only fair that I approached their set with a clean slate, and it was a good job too. Live The Fresh and Onlys pack a major grizzly punch all wrapped up in their garage pop rhythms. Well worthy of a reassessment.

The band have also just dropped a split 7" with Golden Triangle, the Brooklyn band that Brendan posted about last week which I have also become just as fond of. Both well worth checking out.

The Fresh and Onlys - Head of Steam
Golden Triangle - Jungle Jim

Oh and more pics of The Fresh and Onlys below...

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